About Pia Andersson,
teacher at
Marin Sewing Lab

I started Marin Sewing Lab in 2015.
 I am back where I began my career many years ago: as an educator!
I teach garment construction and embroidery techniques in weekly classes.

Based in many years of design and technical experience,  I teach with a light touch, knowing very well that “perfection is elusive."  

Once in my classroom, I will help you make clothes with spirit and integrity that you will love to wear and that are reflective of you, rather than generic fashions of the day. I will help you achieve finished garments that fit well and look great! 

Check out my store! Besides purchasing classes, you can buy my fiber art goods there. Coming soon.

Marin Sewing Lab is a member of
Northern California Fibershed.  

  My educational background is in the textile arts with a college degree from University of Gothenburg, Sweden, where I grew up and lived until my late twenties. I was the founder and CEO of Mimi the Sardine from 1990 until I retired in 2014, so most of my professional life I have spent in design and textile product development in the SF Bay Area. (Besides my own line of children’s accessories, I designed and produced children’s clothing for Hanna Anderson and Garnet Hill).