People love taking Marin Sewing Lab classes! Here's what they have to say.

 I love working with Pia because I can choose my own projects and she expertly guides me through the tricky parts so that I’m always happy with the end result. I learn so much from her vast experience as a seamstress, designer and pattern maker.

Gail Biddle

I started sewing with Pia, thinking it would be fun to make a dress for summer. It was definitely fun, and I love that dress, but more importantly, she has reignited my creative spirit and started me down a path of making and learning that has opened up a whole world. Pia is so patient, knowledgeable, clear and fun. The class is full of amazingly creative women and the exchange of ideas is invigorating. Her ability to clearly communicate and share the technical side of garment construction coupled with the creative side of fabric choices, detailing, fitting and finishing makes the class the highlight of my week. 

S. LaMotte

I am 62 years old and have never sewn a thing in my life. I got it into my head that I wanted to make some small sachet houses filled with lavender which would require learning how to sew. I bought a sewing machine but had no idea where to start. I looked up sewing classes online and up popped "Marin Sewing Lab" which is conveniently located just off the freeway in San Rafael. I called and left a message requesting to speak to someone about sewing classes, and within 2 hours had heard from Pia! Within a week I was in the lab learning how to thread my needle and bobbin and was practicing making my lavender sachet houses. Pia was absolutely fantastic. I learned so much in a short period of time from her and we bonded over our shared Swedish heritage. I would highly recommend Pia and Marin Sewing Lab. 

Kim Bergstrom 

Sewing Lab is just that. A safe place to learn, try out new ideas, experiment and be totally creative with Pia's professional support. She’ll share technique, wisdom and humor. She supports trial and error, finding new ways together, redirecting when things get frustrating and celebrating when a final piece comes together. It’s all about the journey, but the final piece is great too!


I did a private lesson with Pia to reorient myself with my machine, loved her gentle and patient demeanor, and quickly decided to join a monthly Sewing Lab. Pia is knowledgable and professional, and can easily break down the elements of a pattern and its instructions to help me understand the steps required to complete the project. The Sewing Lab is a great way to try out a new project knowing you’ll have the support of not only Pia, but the other members of the lab! It’s a highlight of my week. 

 R. McEfee

Pia is absolutely delightful as a teacher. She is creative, knowledgeable and fun. She brings a calming and friendly energy in her classes. I highly recommend her sewing groups and classes.. 


Sewing is a labor of love and Pia spreads her passion for sewing with her students. She has lots of experience and no project is daunting for her to help you with. I’ve seen people take their favorite garments and she helps make them a pattern so they can recreate the garments. She is patient, a problem solver and very flexible. The studio has sewing machines if needed, there is good lighting, and great layout tables. The classes are small and she is very attentive to the students.


I attended Marin Sewing Lab for a month in February 2020. It was so advantageous as the next month I was forced to "shelter in place" due to the Covid outbreak. No stores, gyms, theatres, etc were open. Just me, my newly polished sewing techniques, and my piles of saved fabric. Pia had taught me some new sewing machine tricks, introduced me to some very helpful tools, and upgraded my alteration skills. I learned a lot in that month and used what I learned to keep myself really busy in my many months at home. I highly recommend Marin Sewing Lab for newbies as well as long time sewers who just need a tune up and some inspiration. 

Jane Scurich 

I started from zero sewing experience at the Sewing Lab. Over the years, I’ve really enjoyed sharing my projects and learning from other people’s projects. It seems, no matter what level of sewing experience you have, everyone learns something about sewing from the lab. I especially love how encouraging and flexible Pia is. She knows so much and she helps you with what you want to achieve. This Sewing Lab is a supportive community for people who want to sew, no matter your level. Also, it extends beyond the lessons. We are introduced to local sewing related establishments, activities and communities. I was introduced to Bay Area fabric stores, dying techniques, wool growing, wardrobe planning, etc. 

Livia G

 Thank you so much for being such a great teacher with the balance of letting her run with her ideas and keeping in within her means. She loved it! Thank you! See you in the fall!

T.Jackson, mother of Vivienne, 14

Hi Pia, I just love your sewing classes. They are so much fun, inspiring, and you are so in love with what you do that makes learning so easy. Thank you for creating this project for all of us who love to sew. ❤️ Gratitude,  Sumaia.