People love taking Marin Sewing Lab classes! Here's what they have to say.

 I love working with Pia because I can choose my own projects and she expertly guides me through the tricky parts so that I’m always happy with the end result. I learn so much from her vast experience as a seamstress, designer and pattern maker.

Gail Biddle

I started sewing with Pia, thinking it would be fun to make a dress for summer. It was definitely fun, and I love that dress, but more importantly, she has reignited my creative spirit and started me down a path of making and learning that has opened up a whole world. Pia is so patient, knowledgeable, clear and fun. The class is full of amazingly creative women and the exchange of ideas is invigorating. Her ability to clearly communicate and share the technical side of garment construction coupled with the creative side of fabric choices, detailing, fitting and finishing makes the class the highlight of my week. 

S. LaMotte

 I am so grateful to you for guiding me through my first sewing projects and renewing my joy of sewing. You also helped me buy a great sewing machine that keeps working even when I make some major goofs.

Kendra Downey

Sewing Lab is just that. A safe place to learn, try out new ideas, experiment and be totally creative with Pia's professional support. She’ll share technique, wisdom and humor. She supports trial and error, finding new ways together, redirecting when things get frustrating and celebrating when a final piece comes together. It’s all about the journey, but the final piece is great too!


….Pia has an amazing engineering sort of mind that really understands the mechanics of sewing coupled with an extraordinary ability to simplify, making the most intimidating projects do-able. 


As I’m a sewist with limited experience. Pia has been invaluable in helping me over stumbling blocks to actually finish my projects! The limited class size allows her to give individual attention. Plus the classes are with a fun group of women.

R. Fittinghoff

I wanted to step off the fashion thread mill and better define, develop and redirect my personal style. It makes me really happy when I work with my hands on the textile project. Color, silhouettes and beautiful fabrics, it makes my heart sing!

L. Nowlain

I used to sew a long time ago and I like getting back to it! I love this supportive group of women of all skill levels. We learn from each other!

H. Vander Kolk

I started from zero sewing experience at the Sewing Lab. Over the years, I’ve really enjoyed sharing my projects and learning from other people’s projects. It seems, no matter what level of sewing experience you have, everyone learns something about sewing from the lab. I especially love how encouraging and flexible Pia is. She knows so much and she helps you with what you want to achieve. This Sewing Lab is a supportive community for people who want to sew, no matter your level. Also, it extends beyond the lessons. We are introduced to local sewing related establishments, activities and communities. I was introduced to Bay Area fabric stores, dying techniques, wool growing, wardrobe planning, etc. 

Livia Glasgow

 Thank you so much for being such a great teacher with the balance of letting her run with her ideas and keeping in within her means. She loved it! Thank you! See you in the fall!

T.Jackson, mother of Vivienne, 14