Marin Sewing Lab

Learn to make your own simple clothing!


Check out what students made at Marin Sewing Lab

Denise came to sewing lab to fine tune  her production pattern for her small business

Shelby made a Toaster Sweater  from Sewhouse Seven Pattern Company

Gail is doing a "Show and tell" at Sewing Lab

Hannah's first ever machine sewing  project.

All things sewing is right at sewing lab!
Mending too!

Sandra is working on a patchwork pillow at Sewing Lab.

Molly's mom made this outfit for her when she was a teenager. Now she'll make it for herself at Sewing Lab!

Joan came to sewing lab to make a cover for her dog crate.

Ashli made a wool coat from Paper Cut pattern company for herself and for her friend at Sewing Lab!

Livia made a set of napkins, table runner and placemats as her first project at Sewing Lab

Christine made accent pillows with piping at Sewing Lab!

Stefanie made a summer dress for her travels at Sewing Lab!

Susan made a top at Sewing Lab. It's a Scout Tee from Grainline Studio pattern company

Susan made a light weight jacket at Sewing Lab!

Jennifer made a skirt from a printed linen fabric at Sewing Lab!

Sumaia made a jumpsuit at Sewing lab!

Pamela made a gift bag as her very first project and then went on to make some amazing garment!

Gail made a summer party dress at Sewing Lab!

So much camaradie and fun!

Summer Camps for kids 10 and up!

Melissa made a coat from boiled Italian wool.

Livia is learning about patchwork and quilting

Teen/Tween Fashion Studies
Amelia made a cape!

Teen/Tween Fashion Studies
Mischa made a jumpsuit

Miriam is making a tunic

Livia made a quilted patchwork tote

Ciara made and designed a tunic

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